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Livestock on my property

Homestead Animals (I12 Use) are permitted with guidelines as an accessory residential use. 

Highlights are noted below.  All regulations can be found in the Zoning Ordinance in the Use Regulations:

  • A zoning permit is required.
  • Must have a minimum of 3 acres to have 2 large animals or 2 small animals.  For each additional acre of land above 3 acres, 1 additional large animal or 2 additional small animals are permitted. Two (2) fowl shall be equivalent of one small animal, however shall not exceed 10. 
  • The use is not permitted in the R-1 or S Zoning Districts.
  • Animal structures must be located 100 feet from all property lines and are not permitted in the front yard.
  • All animal waste shall be stored and disposed in a manner consistent with Chapter 91 of the Pennsylvania Code.
  • This accessory use is for noncommercial keeping of animals as an accessory to a principal residential use only.