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Township Manager

The Township Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the township, develops and oversees the budget, responds to residents’ concerns, supervises township's employees and works closely with all Boards and Commissions to fulfill policy decisions and directives that are made by the elected Board of Supervisors. The Township Manager also serves as the Secretary / Treasurer, Open Records Officer and enforces the Zoning Ordinance and Code of Ordinances. 

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant welcomes visitors and answers calls, responds to residents questions, coordinates inspections and appointments, facilitates building and road permits, issues park reservations and assists the Township Manager.  


The Accountant oversees sewer and street light administration, daily deposit preparation, payroll, escrow administration, accounts receivable and accounts payable.   


Name Title Telephone
Marianne Morano
Township Manager, Zoning Officer, Secretary/Treasurer, Open Records Officer 215-257-9156
Samantha Salemno
Administrative Assistant 215-257-9156
Bonnie Schorr
Accountant, Utility Billing 215-257-9156