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The East Rockhill Township Public Works Department consists of Public Works Director Jeff Scholl, Foreman Paul Behr and Laborers Kirby Richards and Latrell Belfield. 

The department is responsible for sustaining East Rockhill infrastructure which includes:

  • Maintain 37 miles of township owned roads keeping them clear, smooth and safe
  • Maintain & mow 110 acres of parks and open space
  • Maintain & repair the public sewer system, treatment plant and pump station
  • Keeping township owned storm drains & inlets clear of debris
  • Fall leaf collection
  • Spring yard waste collection
  • Street tree trimming
  • Maintenance of all equipment
  • Maintenance of all township owned buildings

Storm Drains & Inlets

Only rain water belongs in the storm drains. Residents can help by removing any debris that collects around or on the inlets.  Residents are responsible for clearing, maintaining and replacing their driveway pipes. New driveway pipe installation requires a driveway road occupancy permit.

Driveway Pipe Replacement

Public Works Department will install up to four driveway pipes each year. The driveway must be located on a Township-owned road; cost is materials, plus an installation fee according to the current fee schedule.  If you are interested in using this service, contact the Township requesting the installation. An agreement will be mailed to you with notification of the estimated material cost, and an invoice sent after the work is completed.  If you choose to hire a contractor to install a driveway pipe, a Road Occupancy permit is required.

Road Occupancy Permit

A Highway Occupancy/Road Opening/Driveway Permit is required for any work performed in/on a Township roadway or right-of-way and for the installation/modification of a driveway. The application will be reviewed and approved by the Public Works Director.