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Chickens on my property

Homestead Chickens (I11 Use) are permitted with guidelines as an accessory residential use. 

Highlights are:

  • A zoning permit is required.
  • Must have a minimum of 1 acre to have five chickens with a maximum of 10 allowed on 2 or more acres.  Chickens are not permitted in the R-1 and S zoning districts.
  • No roosters over the age of six months are permitted.
  • Chickens are prohibited to run at large.
  • Chicken enclosure must comply with size regulations and be located a minimum of 15 feet from side or rear lot line and 25 feet from any residential structure and are not permitted in the front yard. 
  • An unoccupied chicken enclosure for more than two years must be removed.
  • All chicken waste shall be stored and disposed of in a manner consistent with Chapter 91 of the Pennsylvania Code.