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History of East Rockhill

The first landowners in Rockhill were English, but the first people to reside in the area were the Lenni Lenape, who preferred the valleys of Butter and Branch Creek. The original Quaker settlers were soon outnumbered by German Mennonites. In the very early days, the township was known as “Servants,” as William Penn had originally reserved the land for indentured servants.

Rockhill Township was established in 1740, The township was aptly named due to its rugged, wooded hills and rocky soil. Rockhill township originally included Sellersville, Perkasie, and Telford, and was the largest township in the county, both in size and population until 1890.

By about 1870, the surrounding towns were established due largely to the Pennsylvania Railroad, which traversed the region. The separate East and West Townships, of equal area, were not formed until late 1889 after a 20-year contest in Bucks County courts.  

East Rockhill Township was first organized in 1889 as an independent township, which was recognized and affirmed by the courts in 1890 at which time West Rockhill Township was organized.