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Sewer & Water

Public Sewer

Public sewer service is provided through the township. Bills are sent four times a year for the prior quarter’s usage. A drive-up sewer payment box is located at the Township Building for your convenience.  The current flat rate is residential, $145 per quarter and Non-residential, $162.50 per quarter per EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit). 

Sewer Customer Portal

Pay-by-check or with a credit card through the Customer Portal. Customers can also go paperless by having bills delivered by email, view payment history and view all receipts.

Automatic Recurring Sewer ACH Payments Authorization Form

Schedule your payment to be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account with every billing. 

  • It’s convenient saving you time and postage
  • Your payment is always on time even if you’re out of town, eliminating late charges
  • You authorize regularly scheduled charges to your checking or savings account. You will be charged the amount indicated on your bill.
  • Be sure that you have funds in your account to cover the payment to avoid NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) charges and notify us if you have closed the account. 

Public Water

Public Water is provided by Perkasie Regional Authority.  Please call your public water provider directly for questions about billing, rate information, or customer assistance.

Perkasie Regional Water Authority


East Rockhill Township was informed in September 2016 that the North Penn wells in East Rockhill Township were found to have slightly elevated levels of PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) in the water resulting in North Penn taking wells offline.  Perkasie Regional Authority purchased the system and the wells remain offline.  

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have an ongoing investigation which covers portions of East Rockhill Township, West Rockhill Township and Perkasie Borough.  Visit their Ridge Run PFAS web page for pertinent information.

In September 2018, Governor Wolf formed the PFAS Action Team to address growing national concerns surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

To have your water tested for PFOA and PFOS Certified Water Services in Newtown at 215-968-8860 provides the service.