MS4 Fall

Caring for your Yard this Fall

  1. Let your grass clippings lay.  Not only does this reduce waste, the clippings will act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn, releasing nutrients and water into the soil. 
  2. Use fertilizers sparingly and never before rain.  When applying fertilizers, avoid spreading them in paved areas where they can easily wash into a stormdrain.
  3. Plant a native tree!  Trees have deep roots that absorb rain water and reduce erosion.  Some natives, like the paw paw tree, produce an edible fruit for you to harvest and enjoy.
  4. Install a rain garden.  Rain gardens are bowl shaped gardens planted with native vegetation, that will filter and use stormwater.  Plant them in a natural wet area in your yard to reduce flooding. 

source:  Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy 

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