The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held an information meeting to update local elected and appointed officials to provide the status of the Rock Hill Quarry located on North Rockhill Road since the last meeting which convened August 7, 2020.

The Rock Hill Quarry is still under a cease order. All R.E. Pierson equipment has been removed from the site.

The Department of Health official response to the list of asbestos-related questions submitted by DEP is anticipated to be received prior to October 2, 2020. DEP intends to continue sending to the Department of Health all documents received by DEP related to naturally-occurring asbestos at the Rock Hill Quarry. Once the Department of Health official response has been received, it will be posted to the DEP website.

On August 14, 2020 the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and petrographic analysis for rock samples was received from Hanson Aggregates and posted to the DEP Rock Hill Quarry webpage. The analysis is under DEP review to confirm all requested documents have been received. The review is ongoing and will take into consideration comments received from Erskine Environmental.

As a result of R.E. Pierson cancelling electric service to the site, a transformer and meter that is located past the main entrance railroad tracks will be removed by PP&L which is anticipated to occur the week of September 14, 2020. Prior to removal, a removal plan will be reviewed by DEP and a DEP inspector will be on site at the time of removal.

Hanson Aggregates has proposed to revegetate approximately 6 acres that will support revegetative growth, which is under DEP review. There are no plans for stone or stone piles to be removed. DEP intends to conduct a site visit to explore whether additional areas of the site may support revegetation growth.

DEP is internally reviewing a draft stream evaluation report for the UNT to Tohickon tributary (Bog Run),, but at this time DEP has no date for a public comment period on the report

The DEP Rock Hill Quarry page continues to be updated with all documents received.

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