Remove these invasive species:

  • Japanese Barberry:  Shrub spreads quickly and crowds out native plants.  Presence of Lyme disease carrying ticks is increased.
  • Bradford Pear:  Fast growing tree that out competes natives for light and nutrients.  Branch structure makes is susceptible to breakage and splitting.
  • Day Lily:  Quickly spreads from yards into natural areas where it can displace native plants.  Thick tubers make control and removal difficult.

Plant these native species instead:

  • Common Ninebark:  Fast growing shrub is drought tolerant, disease and insect resistant, attracts bees and birds and produces white flowers in early summer. 
  • Eastern Redbud:  Deer resistant tree that does well in shady locations, attracts bees and birds and produces fragrant pink flowers in early spring.
  • Butterfly Milkweed:  Deer and drought resistant perennial that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and is a larval host for monarchs.  Produces long lasting, showy, orange flowers throughout summer.

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