DEP Information Meeting April 3, 2020

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held an information meeting to update local elected and appointed officials to provide the status of the Rock Hill Quarry located on North Rockhill Road since the last meeting which convened March 6, 2020.

The Rock Hill Quarry is still under a cease order.

DEP is continuing to submit and exchange information with the Department of Health so that they can respond to the list of asbestos-related questions submitted by DEP. Once their official response has been received, it will be posted to the DEP website.

DEP’s technical comments on the Qualitative Geologic Survey Report received from Hanson Aggregates requested additional sampling be completed by April 6. Hanson Aggregates, the permittee of the Rock Hill Quarry site, submitted an April 2, 2020 letter to DEP requesting an extension to that deadline until January 6, 2021. The request is under review.

Also stated in the April 2 letter, Hanson and Richard E. Pierson Materials Corp. (Pierson) have recently agreed to terminate their lease. Pierson has a number of active permits and approvals from DEP and will likely be in contact with DEP soon about how to address those.

All third-party comments received by DEP will be compiled and responded to.

R.E. Pierson Materials approval for the removal of equipment from the site is continuing. A DEP inspector is always on site while the activity is taking place. Oversized loads will have an escort vehicle. Drivers should remain alert.

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