2020 Where dollars come from

The Board of Supervisors adopted the 2020 Budget with income and expenses totaling $4,094,912  at their December 19, 2019 Regular meeting, as advertised. There will be no increase to the real estate tax, sewer rate or street light assessment.

In 2020, the Board looks forward to continuing to providing the same ​level of services to residents.  Items planned are the municipal office addition and renovation, an overlay on Sterner Mill Road from Mountain View Drive to Clymer Road, a one-ton dump truck to replace a 2002 truck, a used paver to replace a 1987 paver, legal expenses related to Rock Hill Quarry litigation, MS4 (stormwater) PADEP compliance, yard waste security cameras replaced, and a section of the bike trail at Willard H. Markey Centennial Park paved.

2020 Budget Summary

2020 Where General Fund Dollars Go

2018 to 2020 General Fund Comparison



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