The 2019 fall leaf collection has been completed with a total of 75 loads or 1,050 cubic yards collected. 

Thank you for your participation! 

2019 Fall Leaf Collection Details:

Starting the week of October 28, 2019, Public Works Department will begin leaf collection throughout the Township. The schedule is tentative; dependent on weather conditions and the volume of leaves we need to collect.  Check back here for updates to the schedule. 

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful collection:

  • Have your leaves in neat piles along road frontage by 7am on the first day of collection for your section. Once leaves have been picked up on your street, do not place leaves out for a second collection; we won’t return to a street once the leaves have been collected.
  • Do not include rocks, sticks, trash, grass, or other material with your leaves.This does damage to the collection machine, causing downtime and expenses for repairs.
  • Township employees and/or equipment are not permitted to enter private property to remove leaves; only leaves on road frontage can be removed.
  • If you have additional leaves after your section pick up has been completed, do not place along street frontage impeding stormwater flow. Contact your private trash hauler for collection or dispose of in the yard waste containers behind the Township office Monday through Saturday from 6am to 9pm and on Sunday from 6am to 1pm. No bags or Contractors are allowed.

SECTION IV: completed 

Arrowwood Drive
Blooming Glen Road
Branch Road
Bridgeview Drive
Bryant Drive
Buck Drive
Campus Drive
Cedar View Drive
Creekview Road
Deer Run Road
Dublin Way
Evergreen Lane
Fifth Street
Firethorn Drive
Greenleaf Circle
Hillendale Road
Lark Lane
Owl Lane
Pine Court
Schwenkmill Road, East
Schwenkmill Road, West (below Ridge Road)
Seven Corner Road
Sunnyside Lane
White Road
Winterberry Drive

SECTION I completed 

Axe Handle Road
Clymer Road
Covered Bridge Road
Richlandtown Road
Sterner Mill Road

SECTION II: completed

Butler Lane
Crest Drive
Dell Drive
East Rock Road
Harriet Drive
Meadow Lane
Old Bethlehem Road
Ridge Road
School House Road
Schwenkmill Road, West (above Ridge Road)
Three Mile Run Road
Tower Court
Tunnel Road
Valley View Lane
West Rock Road
Willow Drive

SECTION III: completed 

Azalea Court
Blue Rock Drive
Boulder Drive
East Rockhill Road
Hill Road
Holly Drive
Muskrat Road
North Rockhill Road
Old Bethlehem Pike
Park Avenue
Pebble Court
Richhill Road
Ridge Run Road
Rocky Mount Drive
Route 313
Shale Circle
Stone Edge Road
Woodbridge Court
Woodhollow Court


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