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The onset of cooler weather has temporarily eliminated the Spotted Lanternfly infestation that has plagued our area. In case you don't remember, those are the brighly colored invasive insects that made their presence felt by the thousands this past spring and summer.

While the pests may be gone for now, they are busy getting ready to re-emerge with a vengeance next year to ruin your outdoor activities, not to mention our trees and shrubs. Now is the time for property owners to be aggressive about reducing the SLF population by destroying their eggs.

You can help by being on the lookout for their egg masses, which females lay in neat rows and then cover in a waxy substance that looks like mud.  Scan your property for the eggs, scrape them off and then place them in a plastic bag or container that contains rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them. Dispose in your regular trash.

WATCH a Video About Destroying SLF Eggs

Spotted Lanternfly Egg Mass

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