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With summer officially beginning on June 21, we would like to remind you of these Best Management Practices (BMPs) for your yard this summer.  BMPs are stormwater pollution prevention measures proven to reduce damaging effects of runoff. 

Putting BMPs to work for you:

Install native plants in your yard - native plants have deeper roots than non-natives. These roots break up the soil and allow rain water to infiltrate, reducing runoff and recharging groundwater. For even better results, look for native plants that benefit pollinators.

Make your lawn sustainable-

  1. Raise your mower height to at least 3 inches to enable your lawn to slow and absorb more stormwater.
  2. Increase your garden area and decrease your mown area (perennials and shrubs have deeper root systems than turf grass).
  3. Add nutrients back to your lawn by letting grass clippings lay or composting them.
  4. Use pesticides sparingly and never before the rain.

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