Leaf Collection

East Rockhill Township began its leaf collection program because of the need to keep storm water inlets clear. The leaves collected are taken to facilities that recycle them into compost. If you have a composting lawn mower, consider using it to leave the composting leaves in place to benefit your lawn in place of piling them up at the road for collection.

Collection is weather and time dependent, among other factors. We do our best to stay on schedule, but unfortunately there may be times we get behind. The streets in each zone are not listed in the order in which they are serviced. Please be prepared for leaf collection to occur on your street on any day during the week your zone is scheduled for. Leaves must be placed by 7:00am on the first day of your specified collection week. Pile leaves as close to the roadway as possible. The machine cannot reach farther than the shoulder so leaves beyond that point will not be collected. 

Because of the large amount of collection that needs to take place, we are limited to a one-time collection of each street.  The posted schedule is updated as collection progresses. 

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