MS4 Summer
  1. Wash your car at a car wash.  Most car washes reuse the wash water before sending it to a treatment plant.  If you want to wash your car at home, wash it on gravel or grass.
  2. Start composting.  Pre-made compost tumblers are a great option for a small yard.  not only does composting reduce waste, but adding compost to your soil helps with stormwater infiltration.
  3. Only rain should go down storm drains.  Make sure not to blow grass clippings into storm drains, and if hosing off your driveway or car, try to send the runoff into a vegetated area.
  4. Set sprinklers to minimize runoff.  Make sure sprinkler heads are adjusted to reduce overspray and only water the minimum amount necessary for the plant.

Source Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy 

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