2015 Fall Leaf Collection

In November, the East Rockhill Township Public Works Department begins to work through the Township to collect leaves along property road frontage.  The Public Works Department has outlined four sections and will collect leaves beginning 7:00am on the first day of collection and work their way through the section.  Once the machine passes, the road is done and WILL NOT return. 

Residents are asked to please adhere to the following regulations regarding leaf collection in order to ensure a successful collection.

  • Have leaves in neat piles along road frontage by 7:00am on the first day of collection for your section.  Once leaves have been picked up on your street, do not place leaves out for a second collection.  Public Works will not return to a street once the leaves have been collected.
  • Do not include rocks, sticks, trash, grass etc. with leaves.  This does damage to the collection machine and results in down time for repairs.
  • Township employees and/or equipment are not permitted to enter private property to remove leaves.
  • Collection of leaves is weather dependent; updates to the schedule are posted on the Township website.

Roads and Collection Dates - updated 11/24/2015

As we start Section III, 70 loads of leaves have been collected. As a comparison, in 2014 75 truckloads were collected in the entire Township. Consequently, we are behind schedule. Thank you for your patience.


  • Pennridge Regional PD holding a Holiday Hangout on December 12 10am-1pm at headquarters.
  • 2016 Preliminary Draft Budget for adoption December 8
  • New Signal installation at SR313 & 563 underway. Poles are expected to be shipped December 15.
  • Golf Driving Range Closed. Thank you for a great season.




Fall Leaf



Bring your unwrapped toys, wrapping material, mittens, hats, scarves etc. to the collection box at the Township Municipal Office November 20 to December 9. Items will be distributed through F.I.S.H. to Pennridge area families in need.


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