Welcome Officer Ruiz & Officer DeanOfficers Ruiz & Dean

At the Pennridge Regional Police Commission January 28, 2015 meeting, the Commission welcomed Officer Ruiz and Officer Dean who have transitioned from part-time to full-time officers with the Department. Officer Ruiz has been with the department since 2011 and is trained as a defensive tactics instructor and in crisis intervention. Officer Dean started in 2014 and is trained in crisis intervention. They are both welcome additions to the department.



Fine for Damage to Covered Bridges Enacted

With the approval of Ordinance 280 there is now a $1,000 fine in addition to restitution for damaging Mood's Covered Bridge or Sheard's Mill Bridge by not adhering to the posted limits of the Bridge.

FEMA Floodplain Ordinance

Ordinance 277 requires all person, partnerships, businesses and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development within a floodplain as mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

2015 Final Budget Approved

At the Board's December 23, 2014 special meeting, the 2015 Preliminary Draft Budget was approved. See our finance page for highlights.


Firefighters Thanked

On September 9, the Board recognized and thanked Rescue 26 and Station 17 for their commitment placing themselves in harm's way rescuing a female subject from a cliff at Hansen Quarry. Special thanks to Perkasie FD Battalion Chief 26 Shawn Eby, Perkasie FD Captain 26 Joseph Ferrara, Perkasie FD Firefighter John Yannaccone, Perkasie FD Firefighter Timothy Yannaccone, Haycock FD Deputy Chief 63 Gretchen Francis, Haycock FD Marine Captain Daniel Suszko.

Schwenkmill Road Bridge

In order to correct some Critical Deficiencies; as identified by PennDOT's review, the County closed Schwenkmill Road Bridge over Perkiomen Creek on July 23, 2013. Construction began September 2014 and is anticipated to re-open by Spring 2015. Any questions can be directed to Bucks County Public Works at 215-345-3950.

Traffic Signal to be Installed

Thanks to an ARLE award, plans for a traffic signal at Route 313 and Mountainview Road (SR563) have been submitted to PennDOT for review. As part of the review process PennDOT has determined a left-turn lane should be added on Route 313 at the intersection when the traffic light is installed. Widening of the road will be required and construction will coincide with the signal installation. Once approved plans have been received from PennDOT, the Township will place the project out for bid.

Rockhill Road Bridge ReOpens

After being closed on March 4, 2014, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place on August 1, 2014 at 9:00am to re-open Rockhill Road Bridge located on Rockhill Road at Three Mile Run Road. Supervisors were joined by Bucks County Lynn Bush and Representative Paul Clymer. In 2011 the Board authorized rehabilitation of the Bridge with the hope of receiving 80% reimbursement through State funding. Application was made in September 2014 for 80% retroactive reimbursement.


Household Hazardous Waste

What do you do with household hazardous wastes in your home when it is necessary to dispose of them? Your waste hauler does not want hazarous waste mixed in with household trash nor does he want any liquids for that matter. Take advantage of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. The last 2014 collection date was August 23, the 2015 dates will be posted as soon as they are available.

Gary W. Volovnik Recognized

On March 18, the township recognized Gary Volovnik for 30 years of dedicated service. With a surprise visit from his family, Gary Volovnik was presented with a plaque and special citations by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Senate for his leadership. Gary Volovnik is the third generation of his family to live in East Rockhill. He resides on the farm his grandfather purchased. 'Whatever you can do to reach out and help someone that's what you do, and that's how we live. It's an honor and it's been a great journey.' said Gary Volovnik.

Recycling Costs Increase


For years the Township was able to operate the Recycling Center at no cost to taxpayers. That will change in 2014 adding $6,000 unanticipated expense to the Township budget which may force the Township to remove the containers.

In March another rate increase notice was received increasing the unbudgeted expense from $6,000 to $10,000 by the end of 2014. The Supervisors will be evaluating the service at their mid-year budget review.

Help reduce the expense by taking advantage of recycling services built into the cost of your trash collection and offered by your trash hauler, which is required by law.

For example, Republic Services, offers a Recycle Bank Program which pays reward points to customers based on the volume they recycle. You are able to put ALL recycling into one container. The more you recycle, the more points you earn for discounts and specials at your favorite local shops and restaurants.

Welcome to East Rockhill Signs

In 2013 David Nyman began donating his Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority wage to the purchase of a Welcome to East Rockhill sign. The first sign was placed along Route 313. In 2014 John Cressman continued the effort with donating the same wage which was placed on Branch Road, just past Callowhill Road. In 2015, Jim Nietupski will be donating his wage to a 3rd sign with the remainder donated to general fund. Gary Volovnik continues to donate his Supervisor wage to the general fund and David Nyman contributes his wage to the Pennridge Community Center.


Republic Services

Trash Collection

Republic Services, 215-723-0400, previously known as Allied Waste and BFI, will be the exclusive trash and recycling hauler within the Trash District starting January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2014. Two additional years have been approved extending the contract to 2016. Republic is pleased to offer Recylcebanks so customers can earn rewards with the more recycling they do. While all 180 households in the Trash District (Pines II, Pines III, Cedarbrook Crossing) must use Republic, other township residents are free to choose their own hauler. However, Republic has agreed to extend the terms of their winning bid to all township residents willing to sign a three-year contract. More information: Trash & Recycling Implementation Plan, Recyclebanks Information



Protect Yourself from a Flood

Anywhere it rains, it can flood. A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow. Many conditions can result in a flood: hurricanes, broken levees, outdated or clogged drainage systems and rapid accumulation of rainfall. Draft Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Tax Freeze on Preserved Properties

In 2014 t he Pennridge School District School Board joined Bucks County Commissioners and East Rockhill Township agreeing to freeze the real estate taxes on properties that have been preserved. Owners of properties that have been preserved from development will continue to pay taxes, but will not be subject to millage rate increases in the future.


Keep the end of your Driveway Clear

Driveway Snow Removal


Snow Emergencies

When a snow emergency is declared it will be announced on the township website and advertised on our Twitter account (@EastRockhill). During the emergency, it is illegal for any person to park a motor vehicle or allow one to remain parked anywhere on any snow emergency route. It is also illegal for any person to drive any motor vehicle on any such snow emergency route unless that vehicle is equipped with snow tires, chains or comparable equipment. Snow Emergency Routes include: Buck Drive, Campus Drive, Deer Run Road, Fifth Street from borough line to Schwenkmill Road, Pine Court.







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